« Le changement dans la continuité » Henri Bergson

Authentic wines

Extending over the sunny, gentle slopes, and stimulated by the Atlantic climate with its light breezes, the vines of Château La Loubière produce elegant and harmonious wines of an intense purple, which develop flavours of peony, rose, strawberry, black cherry and blackcurrant, set off by cocoa and vanilla notes. Its tannins express flavours of red fruits mingled with sweet spice.  

“Trendy” wines, whose thorough maturing process means they can be drunk soon, they are popular with wine bars and lovers of the good life on every continent. 

Chateau La Loubiere Bordeaux supérieur rouge

Château la Loubière

Bordeaux supérieur

Chateau La Loubiere Bordeaux Le Loup de la Loubiere blanc

Le Loup de la Loubière

Bordeaux white

Chateau La Loubiere Bordeaux rose

Le Loup de la Loubière

Bordeaux rosé

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